Sara Maria Dyrberg - Marianne Dulong


Sara Maria Dyrberg is the face of the late Marianne Dulong campaign shot by Steen Evald

Marianne Dulong and Anja Camilla Alajdi are the women behind the classic, edgy and glamorous jewellery brand; Marianne Dulong. Together, they have created unforgettable pieces of jewellery by focusing their skills on how to make women radiate. The most coveted and popular pieces are from the Kharisma collection of earrings with changeable pendants. The unique shape of the earrings creates a dynamic energy, which radiates from the carrier. The earrings come in three sizes, so there is a match for every facial shape. Furthermore, each woman can individualize her earrings by adding pendants from the vast Kharisma collection; dark and mysterious Tahiti pearls, feminine corals, luxurious pavé diamonds or edgy silver stars.